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Freedom, and justice are vanishing entities in our nations.

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I, and the various contributors to this site, write passionately about the things in which we believe. We ask that you view the articles listed in the sections listed below through the lens of "common sense".

These articles are sometimes profane, certainly unsettling, and are intended to inflame passion, drive rhetoric and force consideration about different points of view, regardless of your preconceptions!

Agree or disagree with anything written. Email me your thoughts, agreements or critique. If you are in accord with the intent of this site, you can support it through the links at the bottom of the article pages.


Edward Kennedy

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USA: Greatest Nation on the Face of This Planet  USA sign

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The Religion of Pieces!   muslim sign

Those who fear guns & the NRA.    NRA-hoplophobia sign

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Hypocrisy, Fascists and Liars of the Left.   fascists sign

Common sense solutions for controlling CYSTEM waste.

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Edumication!    education sign

My own language???   dictionary  sign

We are slaves still!    Chains

Sliding into Despotism, Fascism & Anarchy!

The New Stalinists.

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

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