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"The teaching of politics is that the Government which was set for protection and comfort of all good citizens becomes the principal obstruction and nuisance with which we have to contend...The cheat, bully and malefactor we meet everywhere is the government." Ralph Waldo Emerson

I will refer to the nemesis of freedom, truth and justice by the letters, "CHRC." You can take your pick of the following to represent those letters...

Well, this is fun to me, but before I am through, seriously, there is a good possibility I will be filing criminal and/or civil charges against these closet Stalinistic tyrants. I choose the boldened ID of these bigotted stalinists.

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To make a long story short, several years ago I was visited twice by the OPP and once by the RCMP. The latter on being questioned, told me that I was being investigated on a Section 54 violation of the "Inhuman Rights Act." Apparently the twinkies of the CHRC were troubled with hurt feelings that I would post online descriptions of them as fascists, which I now confess as wrong and apologize for. Therefore I humbly submit to the deceased fascists of the Third Reich, and Adolph himself, that I beg their forgiveness for ever besmirching their reputation by any association with the CHRC. My opinion, having studied the machinations and the criminal atrocities, lies, deceptions, etc of this many headed hydra with fetid breath and decaying teeth, that were it legally possible for them to imprison, torture, and persecute unto death anyone not of the politically correct stripe, they would without hesitation do so. They in essence have persecuted, maliciously and abusively, many people in a manner that proves they themselves are inhuman bigots of the worst type, focusing on straight Caucasian men and women, and prejudicially favoring so called "minorities. This obscene, cowardly, and immoral activity of these moral degenerates came to a height when Section 13 was used by these Alinskyite leftist zealots to persecute and emotionally/financially abuse their targetted victims.

Is there any excuse for this criminality and abusive behavior, these cockroaches commit, using the system as their decrepit wall to hide behind?

Perhaps. I am not a linguist, though I am fair in the cussing category,(self censored as of a few days ago) yet I would struggle to state in a language I took instruction in decades ago the actual only good thing I will ever say about most so called "human rights commissions," and in this case, the CHRC. Their only defence of their "legal "illegalities," abuse, persecution, and malice is, "damnant quod non intelligent." That is, they attack/condemn what they do not understand though I am hard pressed to accept that these flakes/crackers of the politically correct kook segment of the herd, did not and do not know what they were/are doing.

The malignancy and malice, criminality and intolerant hatred of the left is well documented throughout history by torture, persecution, murder of hundreds of millions of people. The only difference between those scum and the present day leftist politically correct kooks is that the present day ilk have not yet moved to the place where they have the political power and control to ship dissenters from their morally corrupt politically correct mindset to concentration camps, to be exterminated in a manner that would make Adolph's efforts look miniscule in comparision. Outrageous you say? Apparently you must be ignorant of the references by David Suzuki that anyone who is not onside with globaloney should be imprisoned or more directly, the references by globalistic goons that there needs to be a serious population cull of billions of people.

I would refer you to the present day left in the USA who riot, burn, loot and assault President Trump supporters, a modus operandi these malicious and violent mobs followed all through the election campaigning by President Trump and are still following after the fact supported by the crazies of "Follywood." Let us stop here for a moment and listen to this speech by a typical "follywood" crazy to get an idea of what these insane idiots are all about and a perspective on the leftist politically correct mindset today.

Incidentally, her speech was written by a 19 year old cracker leftist loonie politically correct head case, who many leftist loonie politically correct kooks agree with. I presuppose this on the cheers and support of the crowd listening to this garble of garbage, who themselves, are mere twisted pretzels with no common sense, decency or reasoning processes in minds dulled by the kool aid, slurped from the left rear teat of the politically correct beast.

Ashely Judd Speech on Women's March

So dressed in their vagina suits, blurting vulgar obscenities, and wandering around the stagnating barren places of the politically correct landscape, we can surmise that as Waylon Jennings once sang, "Its The Worlds Gone Crazy Cotillion." Reportedly, when the CHRC Alinskyites heard this speech, they cheered and are planning to see Ashley Judd as the next top bureaucrat in their corrupt agency.

On October 21, 2016, I filed an Access to Information relative to police visits in response to complaints years ago from anonymous complainants whose feelings had been hurt. My goal was to expose/identify same, and though I had my suspicions, I was not surprised when on returning from my trip to the USA, I found in my mail a 31 page packet that yielded most of what I had been looking for that affirmed my suspicions who the cowards, liars, and criminals were who had in the usual manner of bureaucratic agencies, used enforcement agencies as patsies and tools instead of directly facing yours truly themselves. But such is the way of the violent cowardly left, lie and defame, twist and pervert the truth to suit their purposes and silence people. Sorry, it does not work with me, and the last person/agency who tried that was thoroughly exposed and discredited, much to the embarrassment and chagrin of one regional director who had lied and defamed me as the CHRC has tried. That agency ALSO tried the same tact, to use enforcement agencies to put me on the defensive and silence me in opposing these enemies of justice and freedom. This will be proof of the cowardliness and dishonesty of yet another bureaucratic agency.

So I was not surprised that the complainants were made by a caterwauling kook from the CHRC whose politically correct craziness and stalinistic intolerant insolence and bigotry has been well documented in the packet, not to mention her incompetency, stupidity...her sanity is in question unless you believe she was capable of reading minds. Her name will come up in the mix.

I propose to dissect the correspondence, exposing the utter insanity, paranoia, intolerance, bigotry, malice and what many will see as criminality, things for which they and other "inhuman and inhumane" so called commissions are noted for, being but useful idiots of the corrupt system, attempting to silence any who digress from their insanity.

In this dissection, I will use provided names, identities and positions, focusing on one particularly paranoid and mentally deranged individual whose background I am having researched to affirm my suspicions about her and I expect, on the basis of such, plus quotes from her very lips, I will use to discredit and prove cowardice, defamation, lies, bigotry, conspiracy, etc that will result in either/or civil lawsuits/criminal charges through the RCMP of her and others in their malignant attempts to deny me my freedom of expression and opinion Charter rights.

As to the RCMP part in this, as well as the OPP, I have to give the former a pass extending to the latter based on the reality that such enforcement agencies are used, and abused by out of control criminal bureaucracies to impose their politically correct garbage on the rest of us and silence any dissent from their vile, filthy, immoral and criminal agendas. They are well aware of this, and there is on official police record their conclusion saying so in a voluntary interview I had with a senior officer and a constable several years ago in that specific case.

I have waited for this opportunity a long time, and will not spare any effort to set the record straight, and seek the dissolution of this fanatical, fascist, organization clearly seen by many as being composed of border line kooks, incompetents, resulting in a wholesale waste of taxpayer dollars, practicing bigotry, hate, intolerance, and persecution of identifiable groups in society.

It all starts now and I must say I will embrace scriptural directive in this battle as given by scripture to be strong, courageous and bold. I will indeed parse and examine each and every word that I have on record and proof that has proceeded out of the mouths of CHRC ingrates, overpaid and underworked to impose tyranny, bigotry and persecution on others. I will not be having any of that nonsense!!!

Always Edward

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