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Comments on equality & justice.... by Edward Kennedy & like minded individuals

August 4, 2015


I find it hard to believe that professing Christians raised by a Free Methodist father who was a minister and his wife, could devolve into what I see as conspirators, criminals, greedy self serving deniers of their faith, and outright liars who have an evil and biblically condemned propensity to return evil for good to those who benefitted them, all for their love of the damned dollar.

Strong language yes, but my opinions are based on a lifetime of being in contact with Doris and Percy Kennedy, and their parents, much more than anyone else in that dysfunctional family. It seems the Slacks have learned well from them.

At this juncture, I have some questions for the above listed individuals, who I personally have no use for, and see as conspirators based on things Doris said/.told me relative to the will.

Percy had it all figured out and saw clearly that my lifetime of work on and off to enable him, especially in the time interval from the time two decades before he died. It was his wish as quoted from his original will, to renumerate me for the decades of service on and off, in the will and he trusted his duplicious dishonest conniving sister Doris to implement his instructions.

In Proverbs 26 we have a fool defined and according to that chapter, Doris qualifies according to her actions and philosophies, that she rationalized, by lying to herself, that she was fair and equitable. Her last days proved otherwise as the truth hit her hard.

Her attitude and that of some of her sibblings, imposed and taught by her mother, always was:

She had an unteachable spirit, another mark of a fool from the scriptures she spent time reading but not embracing in her everyday affairs. She also blatantly emotionally abused and hurt my late father, something that was clearly seen by others close to him. She was not what she represented herself to be, and though I have some facts on her life that will arouse sympathy for her, she violated scriptural precepts and like many in religion today, including the three identified at the top of this section, subjugated her belief system to her love of mammon.

Yet in this injustice, theft and criminal action, she was aided and abetted by others whose self interest and greed spurred their criminality and victimization of others.

Now some have said that it is up to God to judge, and while that is true, we are also told by Jesus that "By their fruits ye shall know them."

When professing people violate Thou Shalt Not Steal, there is no doubt to anyone where their selfish interests lie.


After Percy deceased, it was noted that the Slacks held frequent visits, parties and get togethers with Doris. At the time Percy deceased, my father called Doris offering to aid in the arrangements and was coldly dismissed by Doris who told him she and Eleanor could look after things. This was odd to me, especially considering that my father was NEVER included in any get togethers the Slacks held with Doris, There was a good reason for this that fits in with the sequence of events, from my close observations.

My father would not have hesitated to buy a coffin of quality, nor would he have been afraid to arrange things more respectfully for his deceased brother. Doris was stingy, a fact proven by her refusal to place a monument on the grave of her brother, a disgusting and disrespectful act that Percy himself committed by not placing a proper stone on his father's grave, or as the Slacks did refusing to place a stone marker on their mother's grave. Disgusting and nauseating, these greedy, selfish, hypocritical pos, sacrificing their integrity, self respect, and Christianity on the altar to the God of Molech/mammon. I am sure fools have criticized me for making my observations and "disrespecting the dead" but none of these accusers care to note the stinginess of the ones i criticize for disrespecting their benefactors who left them everything.

An individual in high repute, of great success and integrity, informed me that when Doris decided to take me out of the will, she told her that since Edward was the only nephew/niece living, without a part in the will, it was highly improper to not at least add me to the "money asset column" with the others who were not inheritors of the farm. This individual told me that she did not listen to that sound counsel, "she listened to someone else." I would love to know who that money grubbing defamer and liar was and is, but as in all things, the truth will surface. I do suspect the enablers were the Slacks named above as they would benefit from that act of malicious ingratitude and injustice.

Yet, I will admit she did have the right to disenfranchise me from the will, but she never had the right to defraud me of recompense I was promised for decades at the "end." Thus those in the money column who did not a damned thing and got everything, while I did everything and got nothing, benefitted and I am of the opinion they influenced her to not include me due to the diminished payout they would get in that event. At this time, they have all received $25000. and to have had the moral courage and integrity to make their criminal act right, as perpetrated by Doris, would have cost them all but a mere approximate $4000. each. Their refusal to even answer the points and more in my first letter to all sent them last Christmas demonstrates their malice, greed, and hypocrisy. I think, as do others, that they had planned this all along the way, and in spite of me being defrauded, said nothing but saw this criminal act on the part of Doris as acceptable because it would increase their payout at my expense.

Doris did in fact talk to me about the Slacks and told me years ago that they were not interested in the farm. This told me that Doris and the Slacks had discussed the will, and their part in it. At a specific point, Doris started a sell off of key equipment synonymous with farm operation and did so to boost the financial column, to benefit the Slacks. Taking me out of the will but not placing me in the money column was also a way to boost the financial column in favor of the Slacks. Yet this was all conjecture until I talked to Beth and Mendel when as is usual, conversation gives vent to character and tipped me off to the duplicity, greed, selfishness, and criminality in the mix.

I called Mendel one day and told him my feelings on this matter, and his first words were, "But it is good that your son got a share of the farm." Now that in fact told me a lot. In spite of my anger he came out with that line right away. Tell me Mendel, did you and your lowlife sibblings discuss this with Doris? Even if you did not, did any of you have the decency to point out that it was wrong to defraud me? You damned well knew I had an active part in running the farm. You also knew that when Percy deceased, he had demonstrated his favor towards my son, based on my son's active participation in doing hard work for years to help run the farm operation. My son was the only person aside from Eleanor and my father who received an inheritance form Percy personally.

Now we come to Sharleen who Doris implored to get a lawyer for her. This occurred near her eventual end. tell me Sharleen, did she tell you that she felt guilty of her criminal act against me and wanted to make things right before she died or was she more worried that she would expose herself for being the twisted person she was by her actions that I am telling others about?

Back to you Mendel. Your deceased sister Heather, who I thought was the best of the entire bunch, at a point in her earlier life, had what was referred to as a speech defect. It has come to my knowledge that she suddenly "acquired" this by a violent act from the perpetrator who allegedly according to my info "kicked her in the throat." Know anything about that Mendel?

I recall one day at the farm when I was much younger and you were a boy of 6, that your parents, siblings, my parents and sibblings, your Uncle Ray and Aunt Edna and of course Doris and Percy, and their parents, were having a get together. Ray was seated on the couch and said something to you that angered you, and you immediately kicked him hard as you could in the shins. There was a split second of silence before he grabbed you, put you over his lap and wailed on your ass, while all watched. Nobody said a word, you deserved this, but it indicated an uncontrollable temper, one which could have caused you to kick Heather in the neck if you had a disagreement with her. Know anything about this Mendel? Huh? According to others, I am told you do.

Now on to Beth Slack, who I consider the slimy ringleader, a phony all her life, whose first words to me when she saw me at the funeral were, "Are you alright?"

Yeah, I am fine, cheated, defrauded and deceived, lied to and abused by Doris the hypocrite, and a few of you phonies. I am sure you are the ringleader, and when you all received my correspondence asking questions about the improprieties of this criminal theft, you ALL conspired to send it back, and hoped that this would pass and I nor anyone would ever find out about the skulduggery and would drop it. I suspect that you all knew what the contents were, as Heather's two daughters might well have sent their copies to you. Hmmmm. The facts and strength of my case, backed by the decades of knowledge by others of my work at the farm, neighbors there and here, who have expressed anger and offered regrets to me, as well as the legal strength of my position, compelled the lot of you selfish hypocrites to conspire and send my mailed case back to me. The reason? It was and is airtight, and not a damned one of you have the moral courage to step up and do the right thing here, to correct the criminal act you are all now complicit in, if you were not before. Your greed, hypocrisy, and selfish ugliness is apparent to all. Disgusting.

You, like those who went along with this criminality, are fools, even damned fools, because the facts all written herein and a lot more will be made known to those you interact with at work, at church, as neighbors, and will be told to my children, grandchildren, friends and associates, clients, etc. After all, I promised it was not going away and it will not, even after the day I die.

As to Heather's two daughters who still seem to be ignorant of the back biting treasonous talk that they were to be discarded in the settlement, I wonder if they realize their mother was the recipient of beneficience from me and my family, the last act being that she was given an offering taken up amongst my mother and brothers to financially help her when her mother died, to cover expenses attending the sad events. Once again, returning evil for good. Indeed, that malignancy seems to be pandemic in the Cole Lake bunch and every one of you in the financial column.

If I am wrong about anything, you better call me because it only gets more uglier as I contribute facts after facts and publicize this. I have not even started on the one who was and is responsible for this reprehensible conduct that started according to my research with Charles Ball.

I will get to that eventually, but there is lots more to come before that...I have not even finished the introduction. Over fifty five years interacting with hypocrites like those mentioned herein and hearing others who knew them, has given me more than an adequate position from which to make observations.

I have told my children and will tell my grandchildren of the history and injustice imposed by me on all of you and that in defrauding me, they themselves have been victimized and robbed by all of you.

I am not one to mince words and rough as I am, I would inform you all of the following, though I am sure you are aware of this verse as well as over two dozen other scriptural references condemning what you are all doing by defrauding me.

2 Timothy 4:14

"Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works:"

King James Bible "Authorized Version", Cambridge Edition

You can all be sure I am praying this same thought all the time as you all are guilty of criminal intent and what I see as conspiracy, fraud and theft against me.

Yours for truth,

Edward Kennedy

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