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AUGUST 21, 2018


If you are like me, I never forget acquaintances and friends over the years.

I am planning on attending a wedding in a few months 300 miles from here and after the reception is over, will head to a service center to sleep and then to a city fifty miles away I worked at in the late seventies for a few years. I recently looked up several names of men I worked with who I planned to visit and was shocked. Many were deceased. Bill, Gerald, Larry, etc all good men. I did find ONE who is alive and he was younger than I was then so he is the only one in my list to visit.

I am not preaching to anyone now, but ALL the ones who are deceased during the last several years had two or more things in common. They were users of alcohol and tobacco and were overweight.

Actually I should have pre-deceased them all but for some reason I was kept alive and by that, I mean there were guaranteed occasions of certain death but it did not happen. I was not even injured! I tell very few people about these occasions but do not openly publicize them. I can only describe the situations where I was preserved as "acts of God." There are no other explanations and there are witnesses to some of these incidents that many find unexplainable. But I digress.

So I am going to contact this one fellow and have a visit with him, maybe even take him and his wife out, if he is married which I expect he is.

During my time there, I was on a radio program due to the ruckus I was raising in the local paper and the host asked me, among other things, "Do you think the world is going to hell in a handbasket?"

I bet he is dead now but I wonder what he would think if he was alive and lucid and I asked him if he thought things had deteriorated since I was on his program.

Today in Canada we have wholesale euthanasia taking off, torture and murder of innocent unborn children, importation of terrorist fake refugees and criminals, sexual perversion to the point there is one homosexual organization openly lobbying for no laws or age limits of adult/boy sex. NAMBLA Look it up.

We have a useless fool as national leader running the next two generations into debt, a negro violent crime problem in big cities that politically correct poltroon crackers deny and ignore, We have elected fools and tyrants to political office and the envirowhackos are trying to impose their fascist de-growther nonsense on us, all based on pie in the sky pseudo scientific fake evidence as an excuse for useless enviro whacko taxes costing billions.

There is no such thing as evolution and as proof western societies are devolving with suicidal policies imposed by damned fools.

Always Edward


You can have a turn! Want to email Edward? Here is the page.

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