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August 13, 2017


I have been away from this disgusting fact filled saga for awhile and have been following two leads with one that has borne fruit and the other a dead end AT THIS POINT. I am not done yet on that trail.

I will divulge information I was hesitant to reveal, and it correlates with things communicated to me by the late Percy Kennedy as well as others. I have already demonstrated the criminality, religious hypocrisy, malice, hatred, manipulation, thefts, avarice, greed, selfishness and dysfunctionalism of Doris Kennedy, her sister Eleanor, and their three children who I and many see as complicit in this whole criminal matter.

I will let the readership try to figure things out until the next installment as I have, based on the history of Doris and Eleanor proven well, as to their cruelty, lack of charity, emotional abuse and toxic behavior towards my parents and especially my father. These ingrates had it all figured out and they thought, in their vanity, arrogance and conniving, that they could make it look as if Doris was a good Christian woman (which she was not) hoping that the real truth would not come out.

The problem was how to stick handle around the wishes of their brother Percy who wanted to leave all to me, and entrust me with the distribution of the cash accounts to the rest of the nephews and nieces. This would have entailed the payout to seven people, instead of only four that was realized. Their greed and selfishness is insatiable and the lot of them back stabbed, lied, connived and calculated to visit injustices of several dozen people, all of who will get a copy of this lengthy exposure as a matter of record.

The goal was to direct as much as possible of the estate towards the Slack end of things, and cheat the children of my father in the process, to facilitate their nefarious theft, bigotry and malice.

The last but not final chapter in this saga has to do with the methodology they utilized, that did not exonerate these sub human religious hypocrites, but in their stupidity, indicted/exposed them and the spawn of Eleanor Kennedy Slack.

I have indicated the evidence in this lengthy story that leans heavily towards the perpetrators, and will describe the process end result to be posted here no later than Sunday next.

Honorable mention goes to the so called "spiritual" leaders of the Roman Catholic church where Sharleen and her husband attend, the Assemblies of God where Beth and her husband attend, and the Free Methodist leaders at head office Ontario, all of which were contacted, but refused to address this evil act of theft according to scriptural directive. As I said, most religions are apostate and corrupt, and I feel these are no exceptions.

I regret the delay but had lots of ground to cover in the process. I do wish to thank the people who have come forward with information that has aided the exposure of this selfish act of criminal religious hypocrites and though AT THIS POINT I have not used all of it provided, it may be used in future.( the first was a man who knew of most of this skulduggery and after the funeral hung his head and said to me, "There are people like that in every family." It is true for sure.

This issue will not be dead as long as I am alive and I am arranging it to continue after my decession. My stone will indeed have a very interesting inscription to say the least that will be mute but loud evidence to this disgusting act of religious ingrate hypocrites, liars, thieves and sub humans that I unfortunately have the misfortune to be related to.


Edward Kennedy

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