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April 29, 2016


There are still people alive, true witnesses to the criminality, corruption, and evil character of Doris Kennedy and Eleanor Kennedy Slack and the latest discovery is disgusting to me. My anger and despite towards them and the Slacks grows at each new detail of lives lived in subterfuge.

When Percy Kennedy deceased, my father was in contact with his two dysfunctional sisters. To this point, he had been unwelcome at the many get togethers, parties, social events, and gatherings at the farm where Doris lived, that consisted solely of the damn Slacks, their spouses, and children. I will dwell on the reason why later when I put the pieces all together finally for all to read.

Percy had received frequent visits from my mother, so many that the nursing staff and doctors thought she was his wife. My father was there a lot as was I, sitting through nights and being there to control him when the prescribed drugs caused him to be unruly. MY absence on occasion resulted in him being restrained to his bed with bindings. After one event where Percy had kicked a medical staff member in the face, the doctor told me that he would be restrained all the time unless I was there with him to control him.

Anyway, Doris and Eleanor were nowhere to be found, for whatever reason, but when Percy died, my father offered to be involved in the planning arrangements and purchase of a coffin. He was coldly rejected by Doris and Eleanor. hmmm

The reason was self evident to me and many others, though it has not been mentioned, as a lot of other things, until now with much more to come.

On the visitation and funeral of Percy, I had noted the coffin was a "cheap" model. I will not go into the defects and weaknesses of same, because one always gets what one pays for, and the purchase of this item is no exception. A few years ago, I made my own visit to a funeral director, made my arrangements, and selected a coffin for myself. I looked at the whole "showroom," and the difference in price from the top to the bottom was in the five digit range. I settled for one assembled with White ash that was upper mid range, but noted the same typeset that the stingy, selfish, corrupt, cruel and dysfunctional Eleanor and Doris has selected for their brother. Now there is always a time and place for anything, and if for no other reason but Percy left more than enough money behind for a decent burial, his dysfunctional twisted damned sisters had no right to be damned cheapskates with HIS money. This is of course but one of MANY incidents that proves for some reason, they were nickel and diming everyone they could and placing the money elsewhere it did not belong.

My distinct perception has changed since I helped carry him to be laid to rest and was sickened by the posing/grandstanding of Sharleen Slack Van Woezik that I have already mentioned, especially after her toxic dysfunctional mother and aunt had decided to buy the low end coffin so that more money could be saved for the selfish bastards at the expense of the dignity and respect of their brother Percy, the defrauding of SEVERAL people, and violation of the scriptural laws.

This act has been proven and the reason why, over and over and over again, incidents I will add to the mix in the final analysis/exposure.

I detest these two lying, selfish, conniving damned religious hypocrites as well as Mendel, Sharleen, and Beth, who have embraced the greed and selfishness of their detestable mother and aunt. Every damned pne of these thieving greedy bastards knows what went on, what the right thing to do would be, but refuse to do it because they choose their "lusts of the flesh" over what is right. Ditto for their enabling spouses.

Perhaps some will see what I mean when I say this is difficult to recount and the half has not been told. As the layers of deception, lies, criminality and moral rot are uncovered by the truth, the whole fallacy of their religious hypocrisy, the deception and evil aspect of their lives, and that of Mendel, Sharleen, and Beth would gag the proverbial maggot.

I have come too far to turn back now so will proceed putting it all together. I am about half done on that project in itself.

I have never in all my travels working with the roughest men you can imagine, seen such disgusting duplitious betrayal, cruelty, criminality, hypocrisy, greed, selfishness, and immoral filth. I hesitate in saying "damn them all," or "to hell with the lot of them." I see what I see, as do others, but it is not my place to justify or usurp those words that only One Person has the right to say. Time passes quickly, and each will have their turn at Death, but I will say that there is NO chance of salvation after one has deceased, nor is the false doctrine of "praying for the dead" of any use as it is resoundingly condemned as false by scriptures.

Yet I see worse evil, sinning, hypocrisy and criminality in the "church." What a despairing fact! It is no wonder that people hate religion but to be sure, most religions are NOT CHRISTIAN! There is proof of that from Jesus Himself, which will be the subject of my coming weekly "Sunday Redneck Sermon."

I would like to say, that Doris, Eleanor and her three surviving children all together have not enough skin to make a pimple warmer for one atheist I know well.

Yours for truth,

Edward Kennedy

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