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jackass award

April 5, 2020

A real two legged jackass.

A big jackass of the day award to a real two legged jackass with two legs who dares to criticize the USA and President Trump for daring to put his people first before any other nation and limit exportation of masks to Canada.

Our very own lolly gagging Turdo is still allowing flights from foreign nations here without any precautions and testing. This little puke needs to be tried for murder and treason and hung in the public square for his sedition.

He has demonstrated he is a real for life true liar, bigot, hoplophobe, babyaphobe, groping pocs with the IQ of a defective prophylactic. What a damned stupid useless bastard.

I am for the good of the nation still praying for the little puke to meet his end from natural causes like one of those DAESH/ISIS pedophile and murderers he let in running over the airhead with a rented truck.

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