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APRIL 25, 2019


It happened again! I am still in shock that a veritable "daughter of Eve" has pleased me with her company once again! This woman, has entered the ranks of excellence with a few others. and once again I have had the pleasure to have met one who like the few other exceptional women of her caliber, I have to classify as the most beautiful girl in the world, both inside and out, but most qualified by her feminine, gentle, genuine demeanor I rarely see.

She has a few "sisters" in this classification, and I would stress this point most clearly. The first woman who walked into the ranks of the best of her gender was a woman I met with long brown hair and an identical demeanor as all of them have. That sublime woman of excellence was permanently in a wheelchair. The next ones were abused woman. Another was a medical professional. One more was added last year.

The defining factor of all of these women of excellence is rarely seen anymore, and is defined as a demeanor of honesty, genuinity, integrity, but a very undeniable character of femininity and pure affection that has all but vanished in most of the fairer gender. To ever be favored by meeting one of these precious women is to be awed at the sublimity and essence of their being.

This woman, by the way, used a cane to walk, and while I was too polite to ask any questions, clearly has a serious ailment. But none of that in the least detracts from her inestimable feminine, soft, warm, properly affectionate character which emanates from her very being.

These and this are attributes of real women, the typeset God had in mind when He created woman, which has been contaminated and destroyed by the cancer of radical feminism which is a misnomer, but which eats away and destroys the very essence of true beauty of character in God's highest creation.

To be true, I can count the few of these I have met over decades on less fingers than I have on a hand and a half. Sad, freaking sad the real woman is almost extinct.

Always Edward

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