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April 1, 2017

Considering the late Waylon Jennings and Tammy Wynette .

I was considering the late Tammy Wynette and Waylon Jennings this morning, after sending in my redneck sermon, and became transfixed on the emotions both songs arouse in most who listen to them.

Tammy Wynette lived an immoral life as did Waylon, and I have always wondered why they would record these songs that were and are an indictment of their lives.

Tammy was married and divorced several times, and Waylon lived the immoral life of a renegade but I have vinyl records, eight tracks, cassettes and current CD's of both. This is not an approval of same, but an indication of my enjoyment of the music they wrote and recorded. But there is much more. They have provided important messages one would never expect from entertainers.

When I first heard these songs decades ago, I was mesmerized, and in awe of that emotion they brought and bring to the listener.

It is apparent that Tammy was familiar with the many hurts and emotional feelings of events that we cannot control, the tragedies of the existence of everyone in a world run amok, that I liken to a case of mouse biting and even killing/eating cat.

We have no idea of the end of these people spiritually. Yes, we can see the current filth and destructiveness of evil in the lives of so many in an apostate world, but who would have thought for example, the abortion king of America, Dr. Nathanson would recant, condemn and turn to oppose the aborticidal insanity that goes on all across this wretched planet? Certainly not I!

We can be sure of right and wrong, for it is clearly identified in scriptures but we know not the end of people who wallow in, are enslaved by, and live in a state of sin, relative to the state of their mind, soul and spirit at the moment Death claims them. This is a reality we must accept especially with the Truth expostulated "There is none righteous, no not one."

I see no disclaimers therein, that exempt Edward Kennedy, or anyone else, from Death, regardless of their station in life.

We have all seen and felt tragedies in our own personal existences and that will be the reality to the end of each and every of us. Some of these are immensely sorrowful to any that see them occurring.

Several years ago, I was at a graveyard over a hundred miles north of here, visiting the final resting places of my grandparents on my mothers side, who herself incidentally is still motoring at age 94, lucid, mobile, and in possession of her facilities, hearing, sight and articulate speech. In the process of walking back to my truck and unlocking the door, I watched a young boy and his mother approach, exit their car, and walk over to a grave close to the road. They stayed there awhile, after placing flowers on it, and left, at which time I walked over to read the stone which indicated a young man was buried there, of an approximate age to the woman who was very neat, and attractive, modest and reserved in her movements and demeanor. I was totally ignored...she was focused on whatever or more likely was in her mind at that moment. While I cannot read minds, I was reasonably confident the deceased was her husband.

As I considered the sight before me, applicable directly to that woman and young boy, the words of Dante better expressed by he, hung heavy there. "There is no greater sorrow than to recall a time of happiness, in misery." Such scenarios considered by onlookers, always bring hurt...in this case, I was confident that the man buried was his father and the woman, his wife. I am surely a rough man, but such things do soften me.

The ground at the foot of the grave is level, and none are exempt from the cold touch of Death with its accompanying companions, sorrow and hopelessness. There is a Truth in scripture that addresses the subject, thoroughly and completely. It is rejected by some, ridiculed by others, but embraced by those who have faith in an afterlife. There is another group which I feel privileged to be a part of, and that group have actually throughout their existences seen undeniable proofs of the workings of God, His mercy, and plan of salvation. They have seen things happen in their personal lives that drive any doubt out about life after Death and the spiritual reality of judgment.

Even if scriptures did not exist, and the world was always awash in sin as it is now, I could not but doubt the reality of life after death, and the Truth of the existence of God, whose hand I have seen in so much it beggars description.

For that I am grateful, and will remain that way, to my end, which I see is but the doorway to another dimension, that of a spiritual existence. I would and might well die, if necessary, (another sermon) refusing to deny that reality, but really, if you look at the big picture, what do I have to lose?

Always Edward


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